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February 15, 2001


Greetings to my African friends!  As you know, I'm doing research on how the Internet is used in African countries, and by Africans living in other parts of the world. forex trade tutorial

What better way to compile this sort of information than with a survey?  And here it is--short, sweet, and full of questions that'll help me get a handle on the state of telecommunications and the Internet in Africa.

Please respond to my questions as soon as possible.  And of course, I'd like to get still more information, through direct e-mail communications or a telephone interview.  Indeed, I may persuade my editors to put me on a plane for Lagos or Accra, which will give me a chance to meet you in person.

So here goes...just click here and get busy!  If you'd like some samples of my writing for the Boston Globe, you can press the Upgrade link, and I'm always up for some e-mail.  Thanks very much! live forex trading